Learn to Live in the Moment

April 18, 2023

Do you find yourself suffering with frequent bouts of over thinking? Is your mind constantly spinning and over analyzing every single aspect of your life? If so, you know the feeling of being stuck in an endless cycle of thought, unable to escape and find peace. Over thinking can have detrimental mental and physical effects that can have long-term impacts on your wellbeing. Fortunately, there are steps that you can take to break out of this vicious cycle. Learning to live in the moment is one of the most effective methods of escaping over thinking.

Living in the moment is the practice of being fully present and aware of your existence in the here and now. Rather than getting caught up in your thoughts and concerns about the future or the past, you focus solely on what is occurring in your immediate environment. This approach allows you to remain in the moment and appreciate the beauty of life in all its glory.

The first step towards mastering the art of living in the moment is to ground yourself. Begin by taking a few deep breaths and focus your attention on the sensations that are associated with each inhale and exhale. For example, notice the feeling of the air entering your lungs and the expansion of your chest. This practice can help to bring you out of your own head and back into the present.

Next, practice mindfulness; the process of acknowledging your thoughts, emotions and sensations without judgement. Many of us have a habit of getting caught up in our negative inner dialogue, judging ourselves or our circumstances harshly. Making the conscious effort to observe the thoughts in your mind dispassionately can help you to break free of over thinking.

Once you’ve established a foundation for living in the moment, the next step is to engage in activities that allow you to stay in the present. Try going outdoors for a walk or carrying out some kind of physical activity as these activities will naturally increase your awareness of your surroundings. During these times, it may help to pay particular attention to the physical sensations that come with each step or movement.

It can also be beneficial to set aside time each day for activities that allow you to remain in the moment. Activities such as yoga, meditation, art, writing and music can be used as powerful tools for achieving living in the moment. Each requires you to engage with the task at hand and engage with yourself in the present.

Finally, it’s important to recognize that as much as we try to remain in the present, it is natural to get caught up in our own heads from time to time. It is not helpful to become frustrated in these instances but instead to remember that it’s part of the learning curve.

Overall, living in the moment can be a highly rewarding endeavor that can provide many benefits. Being able to escape the cycle of over thinking and finding peace with the present can be incredibly liberating and help to bring great joy to life. Implementing the strategies above can help you to get more in tune with yourself and find clarity in your life.

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