August 21, 2019

Substance abuse counselors are known to make available a sustainable support system for people who have all forms of disorders and addictions. They basically create a relationship with their patients, which is built on trust, and with time, the patient feels at ease to open up to the counselor.

The counselor in turn provides the necessary resources, support and advice which is devoid of judgment and filled with motivation instead. Counselors are expected to walk with the addict all through the phase of recovery, and even after recovery.

Getting back to a normal lifestyle after recovery is no easy task, and this is why the individual needs a counselor around. Everything might look strange to the individual, and it could be hard settling in. Hence, the counselor comes in to bridge this gap, and helps the individual to adjust gradually to this way of life.

Knowing fully well that the family of the addicted individual might not find it easy to cope with their member, the role of the counselor is to ensure that he walks them through the process. The counselor addresses the problem of the addiction, and he highlights on the problem involved if the individual is left to himself; in isolation.

The counselor is expected to have started playing this role with the family prior to the individual leaving therapy. The family needs to be well knowledgeable on the addiction, the causes and how to help their addicted member. The support which the family place is quintessential in recovery, and due to the fact that it could be a lifelong journey, it is important to have supportive family members around.

Family members who are well informed concerning addiction recovery, will increase the chances of getting their member to get back on track faster.

Also, counselors are known to help patients come up with a relapse prevention plan. Addiction is a chronic disease, and there is always a possibility of someone who has recovered, to relapse. However, with the counselor around, it would be easier to prevent this.

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