The Advantages & Disadvantages of Short Term Rehab

August 17, 2019

Short term rehab is most commonly known as a “program that help patients achieve their maximum functional capacity and get back to their homes and community in the shortest time possible.” It is through this form of treatment that a number of individuals are easily able to receive assistance in the midst of their addiction. As a result, they can resume with their day to day lives in ways they wouldn’t be able to while undergoing inpatient and/or residential rehab. But with short term rehab comes both advantages and disadvantages as with any other form of rehab. 

First and foremost are advantages. One common advantage in particular is the flexibility that comes with short term rehab. For it is with such that individuals are faced with minor interruptions and/or limitations in their life. This allows them to put their focus solely on recovering, and/or getting better, especially since they aren’t being displaced completely as they would with long term care. Another advantage is that it gives addicts the opportunity to find enough time to attend certain activities or therapy related sessions. 

Second is disadvantages which can easily pile up and outweigh the benefits if one isn’t careful. One way in which it can do this is through the addict still having access to alcohol and drugs. This is where short term rehab differs greatly from long term because through forms of long term rehab such as inpatient rehabilitation the individual is taken out of the world to an environment which is safe and secure. Short term rehab leaves little room for this as the patient is still actively engaging in that of their day to day life, but this isn’t limited to only jobs and children, but influences as well. However, some influences can pose as bad as they cause the person to use again or even abuse the substance while still in treatment. 

In conclusion, short term rehab can be beneficial if the addict sticks to his/her treatment plan. But even though it may be flexible with his/her schedule, he/she must be aware of the risks as well. It is only then that he/she can decide whether or not short term rehab is really the best thing for him/her, or if an alternate treatment option is a better choice. He/she can then be on the road to a healthy recovery where he/she can then resume an addiction free life where he/she is clean from the substance. 


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